James Brown

Lead Consultant Developer - ThoughtWorks

JB is a Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks. He has spent 13 years in the sports data world working with big, fast, critical microservice ecosystems. A keen microservice advocate he is looking forward to helping companies release the potential of their digital platforms by embracing the small and chatty. Throughout his career in software, aided by heroic colleagues he has navigated the minefield of failure and occasionally stumbled on a tale of success. Weeding out the sources of failure and cultivating those that breed success, he hopes to tell his tales; sell his wares, and make the world a better pl

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Continuous Visibility, No More Dashboards!

3am support calls from angry bosses are a great thing. It means your software means something, it has value! Let's stop pretending that outages and failures are not a natural part of software. Let’s embrace outages, see them coming and deal with them quickly and approach Continuous Visibility bliss.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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