Gabriel Mayta

Lead Frontend Developer - Accenture

I started my career in the tech field with .Net in a software house company and after 2 year I moved on the client side {{ Backend is the dark side :D }}. As a Frontend Developer I worked with different technologies and frameworks like Html, Css, ES5, ES6, jQuery, Angular and React. I love coding and learning new things about programming languages, frameworks and web / mobile development. Keep calm and code!

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Develop web applications using Web Standards

Major browsers supports many javascript features like classes, template literals, intersectionObserver, customElements, ES Modules, Css variables and more. Now we are able to create Web Applications using less libraries and frameworks. The Web Platform offers a high number of functionalities out the box. I will show you how easy are create dynamic components with CustomElements or create a Layout Theme that you can change at runtime with Css Variables or orchestrate the loading of elements when are in viewport using Intersection Observer.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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