Eric Rabinovich

VP of Engineering - Aspectiva

Eric Rabinovich is a results-driven VP of Engineering with over 19 years of experience in technology and problem solving, and more than ten years of experience holding different management positions. He has worked with small startups, mid-size companies, and large enterprises in industries including biotech, smart cities, IoT, e-learning, and e-commerce. He is experienced in both B2B and B2C in mobile & web environments. Eric believes in and loves mentoring and training developers and leaders, and setting clear objectives for the continuous improvement of knowledge, processes, and personal gro

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Team building: why ownership is the secret ingredient

When starting to build your team, what are you looking for in a candidate? Technical skills? Leadership skills? Ability to get things done? In the last decade I an been building successful engineering teams and When I reviewed my 10x developers and what differentiates them from the others I noticed, that is wasn't necessarily superb technical skills or years of experience, but rather their sense of ownership. In this talk, I will share how to define and measure ownership, how to look for it in a candidate and make the right recruiting choices, and how built a team that can do anything.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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