Marco Gomiero

Mobile Engineer - Uniwhere

Computer Engineer, Android Developer, passionate about data analysis and about making automated tools for overcoming trivial tasks in an unnecessarily complicated way due to pathological laziness. Currently working at Uniwhere as Mobile Engineer, in my free time I organize events with the Google Developer Group Venezia, I share my experience by public speaking and I write code.

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Imperative is dead, long live Declarative!

Nowadays, the mobile world has started to see larger adoption of the declarative style to build UI as opposed to the (not so) old imperative style. This pattern is borrowed from the web world, from frameworks like React and Vue.js and it started to appear in the mobile world first with React Native, then with Flutter and finally, it captured the attention of the "native world" with Jetpack Compose and Swift UI. In this talk, we will explore the declarative style of building UI compared with the imperative one. We will try to enter in this mindset by finding the differences and by looking at so

Language: English

Level: Beginner

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