Natan Silnitsky

Backend-infra engineer -

Natan Silnitsky is a backend-infra engineer He is on the Data streaming team in charge of building event driven libraries on top of Kafka. Before that he was part of a task force that was responsible for building the next generation CI system at Wix on top of Google's Bazel build tool. Has many years of experience as a developer of large scale web services - First in .Net, later in Scala. Natan's passions include clean code, dev velocity and great software design.

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10 lessons learned from using Kafka in more than 1000 microservices

Kafka is the bedrock of Wix's distributed Mega Microservices system.Over the years we have learned a lot about how to successfully scale our event-driven architecture to roughly 1400 mostly Scala microservices.In this talk you will learn about 10 key decisions and steps you can take in order to safely scale-up your Kafka-based system. For example,  * How to increase dev velocity of event driven style code. * How to optimize working with Kafka in polyglot setting * How to migrate from request-reply to event-driven * How to tackle multiple DCs environment. * and many more. 

Language: English

Level: Beginner

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