Amanda Sopkin

Software Engineer - Zillow

Amanda is a Seattle transplant from Denver, Colorado with a great love for coffee and a bit less love for rain. She is a full-stack software engineer for the rentals team at Zillow working to make the process of renting better for renters and property managers. She is passionate about addressing problems in the technology industry through writing, speaking, and taking action.

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Load Testing: How “ready” is ready enough?

You’ve built a great product and now you want to see how your system will hold up under load. Companies like Netflix take “load testing” to a new level, with a tool that tests systems’ resiliency to random events by testing the effect of disabling random servers. I will discuss best practices of load testing, talk about methods of evaluating your maximum traffic (10% or 3x average load?), and learn strategies for deciding what tests to run. Come learn about the evolution of load testing, what tools are available for use today, and what level of resiliency you need to ensure your system.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available