Paolo Melchiorre

Senior Software Engineer - 20tab

I’m Paolo Melchiorre, a Python developer who contributes to the Django project and gives talks at tech conferences. I’ve been a GNU/Linux user since 2000 and I use and promote Free Software. I have a degree in Computer Science and currently I work remotely, in Pescara (Italy), for 20tab.

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Full-text search in Django with PostgreSQL

I have worked in different projects where I used two of the most currently famous Lucene-based full-text search software (Elasticsearch or Solr). I’m going to speak about the full-text search in general and I want to show the problems I encountered implementing it in the past. Afterwards, I’m going to talk about the PostgreSQL full-text search and present the module, with a demo with real world data. Finally, I’m going to show how we use and test it in an Use Case project.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available