Marco Liberati

Software Developer - Linkurious

Marco is a JS Developer and a DataViz enthusiast. He works as Remote Engineer at Linkurious SAS building in the visualization team. He works mainly with vanilla JS and TS but loves to try new technologies, helping with open source. Marco has worked also in the consulting world helping teams ship better apps and building cool apps with React and React Native. He founded GraphRM and spends his time talking about graph databases and network visualization to everybody else in the room now.

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The GRANDstack: make the connections in your data valuable

In a world full of relationships in the data, connecting the dots is essential: fetching and organising data from a REST API can often be a challenge. We would like to express exactly what we need in the frontend and get it from the database as fast as we can. This talk introduces a new web stack to deal with relationships in an expressive way. The GRANDstack (GraphQL, Apollo, React, Neo4J) is a perfect combination of technologies based on the idea that the data is inherently connected.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available