Elena Terenzi

Software Engineer - Microsoft

Elena Terenzi has been advocating AI and Big Data solutions for Microsoft across Europe. As part of this Elena has helped big automotive customers to implement telemetry analytics solutions with IoT flavor in their enterprises. Elena has been at Microsoft for 10 years bringing Business Intelligence solutions to Microsoft Enterprise customers. Before joining Microsoft she started her career with data in 2003 as a Database Administrator and Data Analyst for an investment bank in Italy. Elena has a Master's degree with a major in AI and NLP from the University of Illinois, Chicago USA

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Predicting sports actions using Deep Learning at scale

In this session we'll have a look at the joined project between Deltatre and Microsoft, to build a deep learning solution for automatic detection of soccer actions, for example when players shot on the goal. We'll see how to exploit and combine multiple computer vision and deep learning techniques to productionize this pipeline at cloud scale, using Microsoft Azure platform and open-source frameworks, such as PyTorch, Tensorflow and OpenCV.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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