Luca Congiu

Senior Solution Architect Microsoft .NET - AlmavivA

I'm a Senior Solution Architect in AlmavivA. I started developing code from the age of ten years with the famous Commodore 64. Since 1995 I began to develop first static and then dynamic Web sites (ASPs), in 2002 I landed on platform .NET and since then ... I did not stop developing on .NET Framework! I'm DotNetCode 's Community Leader and I think I'm a lucky person because my job is my passion!!!

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From Commit To Production: Using Azure DevOps Pipeline and Kubernetes

In this session we will see how simple is to use DevOps techniques to automate the distribution of our software from our repository to a Kubernetes cluster We will use Azure DevOps Pipilenes connected to our git repository to setup CI and CD with the scope to deploy our app to our Kubernetes Cluster. We'll learn: what is Azure DevOps, how to create pipelines and how to create an artifact and deploy our app to a multicloud or on premises Kubernetes Cluster with our deploy strategies.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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