Giulio Santoli

Cloud Solution Architect - Poste Italiane

I'm technology addict since I started programming on my Commodore VIC-20... and I didn't stop. After a log experience as software developer in IBM Tivoli Lab, I worked in IBM Rational and IBM Cloud and now I'm a Cloud Solution Architect in Microsoft. My favorite topics are microservices architectures, IoT and functional programming.

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My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer

Have you ever pushed to production, on Friday, a NullPointerException bug causing a weekend-long service fault? Did your wrong unit conversion make a $600-million-robotic-space-probe crash to the Mars' atmosphere? Everybody makes mistakes, nobody’s perfect, especially when we write code. Actually, if you think you don’t make mistakes, maybe that’s your biggest one. Be brave, face your fears, and join our panel discussion about our mistakes as software programmers and what we’ve learnt from them… do you dare sharing your most embarrassing one?

Language: Italian

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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