Andrea Pompili

Cyber Security Specialist - Cy4gate

Andrea Pompili is an information technology specialist that takes care of security. Quite young, he joined the computer's world with one of the most famous Italian games based on the C64 platform. Once graduated, he started working first in the software development market, and then in computer security, following security threats and solutions on strategic projects. Currently Andrea is a strategy advisor in security, and aims to discover and integrate innovative solutions for this connected world. Starting from 2013 he has joined the OWASP ZAP developement core team.

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Don't lose time on cyber security. Be Cyber Resilient!

The world is becoming more and more "software defined", adding every time additional complexity and reducing the overall reliability. The evaluation of all the weaknesses can be a time consuming task, which cannot cover all the possibilities, neither can be compliant with the continuous release plans. A new approach should be applied to cyber security, borrowing the concept that: "shit happens". So why lose time to understand vulnerabilities, instead of define a cyber resilient architecture able to survive and maintain its own objectives also in a degraded environment?

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

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