Maurizio Moriconi

CTO - Mobilesoft

CTO presso Mobilesoft ed appassionato di gadgets e tecnologia! Si occupa di sviluppo su piattaforme mobile, programma dall'età  di 6 anni e conosce un po' tutto quello che ruota attorno al mondo informatico (sviluppo desktop, web, mobile; sviluppo CMS, database, amministrazione di sistema).

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Commodore 64 vs Stack Overflow

Programming is programming, right? In fact, things have changed less than many of us expected. But things are completely differents today... anyone with passionate and time can do coding! Use Stack Overflow is a good practice? How old generation resolve common problems? Commodore 64 run with 64k of memory, why today no one do code optimization? Surely for a developer life is simpler today , but maybe it was better when it was worse?

Language: Italian

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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