Simone Carletti

CTO - DNSimple

Simone is CTO at DNSimple. He's a passionate programmer, a scuba diving instructor and a former professional sommelier. Simone has been involved with software development for more than a decade, contributing code and creating libraries in several different programming languages. He's interested in online security and internet protocols.

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Minimum viable domain security

Your domain name is your most important online asset. It represents your online identity: your business, your persona are connected to it. How secure is your domain name? How high are the chances of someone taking control of your domain? In this talk we'll cover the essential security practices to protect a domain name and your visitors. We'll discuss protocol level features such as DNSSEC and HTTPS, as well best practices to follow for the daily operations of your domain. Some topics that will be covered are domain locking, registrar requirements, and common social engineering tactics.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available