Continuous security


Delivering small and fast means we are more frequently introducing new vulnerabilities. We're facing new threats that come from cloud computing and the internet of things.Traditional cycles of pentests and code reviews are not keeping up. DevSecOps focuses on integrating security in our processes and teams. Automate first and fail fast will help build security in, and will also support the growth of awareness in the teams. Kim will show the practical lessons learned from her journey. Get an overview of the current continuous security landscape and the practical insights and pitfalls.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Kim van Wilgen

Customer director - Schuberg Philis

Kim van Wilgen is an experienced leader in software product development. Currently she works at Schuberg Philis, a company with no managers and full self-organization. She’s passionate about topics such as DevOps, continuous delivery, agile and continuous security, and the cultural, organizational and technological changes associated with these approaches. As a leader she enables people to thrive at work by being transparent and by empowering them, all to deliver value in the hands of the customer.Although a nerd at heart, she also has over a decade of experience in product management.

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