GraphQL Will Do To REST What JSON Did To XML


Why GraphQL will become the new standard for sharing data between the backend and the frontend of your application. I will show how using GraphQL instead of REST services speeds up the development process and make it more declarative as GraphQL will take away the (imperative) hassle of tying data from multiple REST endpoints together. Getting started is easy and GraphQL can even be build on top of your existing REST, and I will show you how!

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Roy Derks

CTO - SwitchBay

Roy Derks is a developer/founder from Amsterdam, who works mainly on React applications. Both at his own startup SwitchBay and the City of Amsterdam, where all projects are open-sourced. In his "free" time he likes to share his knowledge with the JavaScript community on Twitter and during meetups and conferences. #javascriptEverywhere!

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