Improving design and code quality with Property-based testing


A suite of traditional unit tests will only be as strong as the possible arguments or parameters tested against your code. We want our unit tests to also serve as living documentation so they should be comprehensible and to the point. In property-based testing, we randomly generate data points within the boundary of a property to verify the property’s behaviour. In this technical session, Kenny & João demonstrates and explains what property-based testing is, and how to implement it, so you don’t have to worry much about test data anymore, but more about the problem your code is solving.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

socio-technical organisation designer and software architect - Xebia

A lot of knowledge is lost when designing and building software — lost because of hand-overs in a telephone game, confusing communication by not having a shared language, discussing complexity without visualisation and by not leveraging the full potential and wisdom of the diversity of the people. Kenny Baas-Schwegler is a socio-technical organisation designer and software architect. He blends IT approaches like Domain-Driven Design and Continuous Delivery and facilitates change through using visual collaboration practices, the Cynefin framework and Deep Democracy.

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João Rosa

Strategic Software Delivery Consultant and Interim CTO - Xebia

João is a Strategic Software Delivery Consultant at Xebia. He focuses on helping teams and organizations to make strategic decisions regarding the software; aligning teams and software to optimize the stream-based value. He believes in the power of collaboration and is a fan of visual collaboration tools. When he is not on his duties, you can find him travelling with his daughter and wife, or laying down on the beach reading a book. João is an amateur cook in his remaining time.

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