GraphQL for Native Apps: the MyAXA case study


Dubbed with prominent descriptions like "REST done right" GraphQL, released by Facebook in 2015, is a technology quickly gaining adoption in the web space. How about mobile? In this talk we will discuss our "from the trenches" experience in adopting GraphQL in the context of designing of one of the biggest insurance companies in Italy and worldwide, MyAXA. We will discuss features of the protocol and query languages. including most popular implementations on the Android, iOS and NodeJS sides, and expanding on the best practices to squeeze the most value from this innovative approach.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Emanuele Di Saverio

Principal Software Architect - frog

The innovative drive and the turbulence that are currently storming the Mobile development industry are a great chance to apply and leverage Agile and Lean methods. Agile Coach and Mobile Architect, disruptive thinker and trainer. Proven track of sparking, fostering and steering Agile transitions in SMBs. Empathic and modern leadership skills.

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Andrea Baldon

Software Architect - Team Lead iOS - Axa

Software engineer and architect with many years spent on coding mobile apps, deploy backend and frontend sites plus a bunch of things on IOT and voice control apps. I'm also an awesome dad, fantastic husband, food lover, retrogame addicted, occasional runner and amateur photographer. Actually working on Disruption technology for AXA Insurance company.

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