The Kubernetes deployment hell!


Once you have your cluster up and running you quickly discover that you have to deploy apllication inside it. What is a possible standard way to do it? Helm is the application manager that supports the deployment of application inside a Kubernetes cluster. During the talk we will present how Helm works, how to package an application, how to install, update, delete and rollback it and how to manage the application's versions.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Andrea Bozzoni

System Architect/Team leader - Konica Minolta Business Solution Italia S.p.A.

System Architect/Team leader for Konica Minolta (Digital Workplace division WPH) with passion for architectures, microservices, orchestration, service mesh technologies and continuous integration and delivery. Over twenty years of experience for Italian public administrations and for international customers. Already speaker in the 2018 and 2014 Rome Codemotion, 2007 edition of the Javaday and in some Java User Group italian meetings. From 2018 Docker Rome Community Leader.

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Giuseppe Magnotta

Software developer architecture prototyping - Konica Minolta Business Solution Italia S.p.A.

Agile Senior Software Developer and Software Engineer, technology enthusiast with experience in system integration, Unix environments, mobile, embedded, web platforms, blockchain, Docker and Kubernetes. Always interested in discovery new technologies and new challenges. Open Source contributor.

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