Using Spinnaker to Create a Development Workflow on Kubernetes


Out of the box Kubernetes is an Operations platform which is great for flexibility but creates friction for deploying simple applications. Along comes Spinnaker which allows you to easily create custom workflows for testing, building, and deploying your application on Kubernetes. Salvatore Incandela and Fabio Marinelli will give an introduction to Containers and Kubernetes and the default development/deployment workflows that it enables. They will then show you how you can use Spinnaker to simplify and streamline your workflow and help provide a full #gitops style CI/CD.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Salvatore Incandela

Solution Engineer - VMware

Salvatore Incandela has over ten years of experience in building software systems as Developer and Manager of Dev Teams. Former Spring Framework Extensions committer, Scrum Master, has spent the last years working on cloud-native platforms helping customers automating the processes, speed up the development and move their applications to the cloud.

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Fabio Marinelli

Senior Platform Architect - Pivotal

IT architect with 15+ years experience, I cultivate my passion for information technologies always chasing new trends and architectures. I love to talk about cloud, microservices architecture, my mission is to change the way enterprise look at information technology, trying to make IT a success and a game changer for the companies.

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