Blockchain UX: How to Close The Gap Between Web 2.0 and 3.0


The technology befind decentralised application is vastly different to those of centralised applications - those app that we have been accustomed to for the past few decades. Because the tech is so different, the experience isn't the same either. We have two options: Wait for the decentralised technology to become ready for prime time or take the challenge and design an experience that is at least on par with the UX of centralised apps, or go beyond. That is a serious challenge. Join me and experience these challenges along an actual use case.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Andree Huk

Founder -

Andree worked with Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom Innovation as well as a handful of startups before moving to Spain. In Barcelona he lead UX & Product at messaging startup Upptalk (acquired by MasMovil). He then founded the innovation, software UX and engineering agency which focuses on highly-interactive applications for investment boutiques, fintechs, investtechs and blockchain related companies. At, he leads the company as well as all experience design and product efforts for their clients.

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