Meetup #AperiTech di PyRoma


L'evento è organizzato da Python Italia. Python Italia è una associazione no-profit che ha come scopo la diffusione di Python sul territorio italiano. Fondata nel 2007 ha organizzato ogni anno la PyCon Italia, la più grande conferenza italiana su Python che ad oggi conta più di 600 partecipanti.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Raffaele Colace

Co-founder - 20tab srl

I'm a software engineer and the co-founder in 20tab srl, based in Rome. I'm currently working in agile teams using uWSGI application server on Ubuntu or macOS, postgresql database, python 3 as backend language with Django 2 as web framework, using django-rest-framework for API system, customized django-admin ecc, react as frontend framework, jquery, bootstrap 4, css3, html5.

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Paolo Melchiorre

CTO - 20tab

I’m a Python developer who contributes to the Django project and gives talks at tech conferences. I’ve been a GNU/Linux user since 2000 and I use and promote Free Software. I have a degree in Computer Science and currently I work remotely, in Pescara (Italy), for 20tab as CTO.

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