The future is here, welcome to Web Components!


Finally after 9 years from Alex Russell introduction to Web Components, we have reached the full support to this amazing technology. Now we can make custom, reusable, complex and encapsulated HTML tags to be used everywhere. Like much libraries or frameworks we have now a standard way to handle the state of ours components (Custom Elements Lifecycles) and, where Web Components aren't supported, we can use Polyfills. With the adoption of the Chromium engine by Microsoft Team, 2019 will be the year of Web Components.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Gabriel Mayta

Lead Frontend Developer - Accenture

I started my career in the tech field with .Net in a software house company and after 2 year I moved on the client side {{ Backend is the dark side :D }}. As a Frontend Developer I worked with different technologies and frameworks like Html, Css, ES5, ES6, jQuery, StencilJS, Angular and React. I love coding and learning new things about programming languages, frameworks and web / mobile development. Keep calm and code!

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