Nomad: Kubernetes, but without the complexity


Kubernetes is the current trend in development and orchestration, and while it is very powerful, it is also very complex. For most deployments, you just don't need all the things Kubernetes provides. In this talk, I will demonstrate Nomad; an opensource, cross-platform, and declarative job scheduler by Hashicorp. We'll go through how to set up a cluster, deploy some containers and applications to it, and how to integrate it with existing services and infrastructure.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Andy Davies

Senior Software Developer - Reaktor

Andy is a software developer working at Lindorff Oy, helping provide their online payment solution. He likes talking about Strong Typing, EventSourcing, Continuous Delivery, Architecture, and Immutable Infrastructure. He particularly enjoys making other developers lives easier and automates pretty much anything he touches. He blogs at, and sometimes streams software development on

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