Delivery on Steroids - 3 Magic Pills for Fast Uncompromising Development


How many of you have felt the tension between product and software engineering? With product pushing many features, we are often forced to leave software engineering behind. But what if we could push forward features without sacrificing our engineering values? In this talk I will take you through my own personal experience of developing a product using Kent Beck’s 3X model. I will discuss some of the challenges and rewards of working in this way. Finally, you will learn the secret to compromising between the ever sensitive line of product and engineering.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Netta Doron

Server Team Leader - Wix

Netta's career spans 10 years, 3 companies, and 3 languages. The last five years have been spent at Wix, working as senior developer, team leader, and mentor. Her love of clean coding and TDD have helped her build microservices in Scala that run Wix Pro Gallery, Wix Photo Albums, and the brand new Wix Logo Maker. She has two wonderful kids, who don't yet know Scala but enjoy a good pairing session, and a wonderful husband, who although wonderful, doesn't want to hear another word about that Scala thing.

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