DevOps ICU: Improving DevOps Results by (Correctly) Integrating UX


UX is driving you crazy, a black throwing off timelines and killing ideas. UX doesn’t seem Lean or Agile. They’re too siloed and not collaborating well with engineering. Can’t anybody make wireframes? Can’t we circumvent or exclude these people? Companies are figuring out that UX specialists and the User-Centered Designed process are good investments that more than pay for themselves. This session will explain how the UX process fits into Agile; saves companies money; augments DevOps goals; and increases customer satisfaction.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Debbie Levitt

CEO - Ptype UX & Product Design Agency

Integrity. Knowledge. Humor. Expertise. Debbie Levitt has been speaking and training small and large groups of people at private events and public conferences since 1996. Now, Debbie focuses presentations on user interface design and user experience, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. Debbie has presented at conferences including eBay Live, PayPal's Developer Conference, UXPA, Convey UX, and WeAreDevelopers. Her goals always include actionable takeaways and making sure the audience have real tips, processes, approaches, or step-by-step activities they can try after the event.

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