Cornelia Davis

Vice President, Technology - Pivotal

Cornelia Davis is Vice President of Technology at Pivotal where she focuses on emerging technology and how it can be leveraged to generate tangible benefits for Pivotal customers. With a broad view across the various cloud-computing models of IaaS, App as a Service, Container as a Service and Function as a Service, her current focus is on how the use of container platforms such as Kubernetes can be leveraged to achieve operational efficiencies, resilience and security. She is the author of the book “Cloud Native: Designing Change-tolerant Software” by Manning Publications.

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Turning Request/Response on its Head

These days software is increasingly microservices-based yet with the advantages also come new challenges. To account for these we have put in place patterns such as retries, circuit-breakers, service-discovery and caching, but these assume and are built around a request/response invocation style. In this talk I’ll challenge that assumption and show how when we instead use an event-driven approach, we can address the challenges of distributed systems in a different way. Just as recursive code can be more elegant that imperative, event-driven designs can be better than request/response.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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P to V to C: The Value of Bringing “Everything” to Containers

Roughly twenty years ago VMware began a revolution that ultimately led to “P(hysical) to V(irtual)” initiatives. Today many organizations are considering the benefits of containerization over and above traditional infrastructure virtualization. While studying the important role that infrastructure virtualization continues to play in a containerized IT ecosystem we’ll survey the benefits that containerization and most importantly container orchestration (i.e. Kubernetes) brings. We will study containers, pods, controllers, policies and more.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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