The Future of Unity


In this talk, you will learn how the Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS) is changing the face of Unity; not only by enabling unprecedented levels of performance and scale, but also by re-defining and streamlining Unity workflows in the long run. We start with an introduction to the stack, and the motivations behind it. Then, we're going to see an example of how to convert gameplay between regular Unity and DOTS. Recommended for developers and programmers, who might not necessarily want to jump on DOTS right now but are curious to learn about the benefits and the opportunities it brings.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Ciro Continisio

Lead Evangelist, EMEA - Unity Technologies

Ciro Continisio leads the EMEA Evangelist team at Unity. He and his team travel around the EMEA region and spread the word about Unity, with a focus on Games. In the past, he used to develop games with his own company and worked as a tester at EA. He likes to bring advanced development practices and optimisation tricks into his talks, occasionally touching on game design too.

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