Transforming the Way we Work - Developer Culture and Inclusion


Most corporations have diversity and inclusion printed in large letters in their culture statements. So how come that so few of us find these concepts are lived out in their daily work? How can we transform these into values and practices we can see and feel? This session will provide an approach to how traditional developer organizations can be changed, to the benefit of everyone.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Christiane Goebels

Developer Culture Advocate - SAP SE

Digital witch. Can charm computers into doing what she wants, using obscure languages and spells (JavaScript and Java, mostly). Lives in her house with her huge black cat, white rabbits, and a raven on her shoulder. Wields psychic powers (studies organizational psychology in her spare time). Works for SAP as developer culture advocate, after having been in software development for close to 19 years.

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