Stack Wars: Functional Programming Strikes Back!


As our codebase grows, so its complexity does. Code it’s becoming harder to read, test, debug, maintain… such a mess! Let’s go back to the cool ’80s and start a journey to discover a different way to approach software development: Functional Programming. We’ll see how FP can actually save hours of debugging and improve our productivity while writing a complex frontend JavaScript application or a huge backend distributed system in any programming language. You’ll never write an impure function again!

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Michele Riva

Senior Software Engineer - ViacomCBS

Michele discovered his passion for software development, building an app to make funny jokes about his friends... and professors. Today, "fun" and "development" are still part of his life while working as a Senior Software Engineer in the architecture team at ViacomCBS and contributing to some of the biggest OpenSource projects from different companies (Facebook, Apache, Node.js Foundation) in different programming languages (Haskell, Erlang, Go, Node). He's currently writing a book on Next.js for Packt and dozens of public domain articles on Hackdoor and Medium.

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