Situational Design - a New Way to Design for Voice


If you've ever tried to design a chatbot or a voice experience, the first method that comes to mind is a flowchart. But voice is not like a normal user interface. Menus and flows don't work in the same way. In this session we’ll explore a better way to design conversational experiences (in this example, Alexa Skills) that moves away from flowcharts and instead represents voice interactions as a deck of cards, ready to be played in every situation.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Andrea Muttoni

Technology Evangelist | Sr. Solution Architect - Amazon Alexa

Andrea is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Alexa. In this role, he is travelling the world to share stories, learnings and best practices for building voice-enabled experiences, aka Skills, with Alexa. Before that, he worked on both sides of software development as a full stack developer and as a product manager. When not prototyping new Alexa Skill ideas or championing the needs of developers, he enjoys composing music and working on cool ideas using AWS.

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