Protobuf all the things! End to end gRPC service architectures


We'll explore how to build a robust, scalable platform comprised of multiple applications written in a plethora of different languages, both for the backends and frontends, using gRPC and protobuf. We'll see how gRPC, the RPC framework from Google, predicated upon protobuf (Protocol Buffers), can form the foundation for a service oriented architecture featuring message typing, stream capabilities, auto-generation of documentation, code-generation for both frontends and backends for most languages and, most importantly, fast communication using binary encoded data.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Valerio Versace

Distributed Systems Developer - Ocelot Technologies

Distributed Systems Developer @ Ocelot Technologies. Founder and CTO of Soluzioni Futura, software development company with a focus on scalable web backends, service-oriented architecture. Heavily invested in security @ scale, distributed systems, Blockchain and public Cloud.

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