IoT is fun using MicroPython


Python might not be a language you would expect to see running on an embedded device. Yet here we are. That time has come. You can now run a Python REPL session directly on your microchip.. MicroPython is a Python implementation for embedded processors. It provides you with a subset of Python 3.5 features including numeric types, strings, tuples, lists, dictionaries and classes. Large parts of the Python standard library have also been ported. This session will give an introduction to MicroPython, discuss how it differs from traditional CPython, and how to get up and running with coding your

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Sebastian Roll

Co-founder - ByteBarista

Chemical engineer turned software developer. Senior Consultant at Webstep, specializing in cloud architecture and data processing pipelines. Spreads IoT gospel to the masses through talks and workshops.

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