Flat Organizations and Flat Architectures


What if you take the digital business organization of a global fashion brand, merge it with all the technical functions it needs to evolve and operate, then you create cross functional teams and flatten all the hierarchies around them, finally, you target a software architecture that is enabled by just such a flat delivery organization. What does it look like? Also, any suggestions?

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Carlo Bottiglieri

Global Digital Development Director - GUCCI

I'm a long time XP developer, passionate about software design and radical agile organizations. Source of potentially productive chaos in the search of excellence. Before joining Gucci I was in charge of software delivery in senseFly, so, working mostly on autonomous flying wings; before that I was writing static code analyzers in SonarSource; before that I was enterprise architect in Nestlè; before that I built the omnichannel software architecture of Nespresso and its development organization. In other words, your classic engineering manager.

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Giorgia Carastro

Global Digital Products Director - Gucci

Giorgia leads the product team of Gucci Digital. This is a newly formed team as part of Gucci Digital’s strategic decision to transition towards a product development organization. Change that Giorgia has spearheaded. Giorgia is a self-made product manager professional having primarily a background in the finance industry. She moved into retail/luxury sector in 2011 after her MBA. Since joining Gucci, she has led product management roles having worked in such a tenure on the digital/ecommerce team since 2013. She loves her job, is passionate about sports and mother of two.

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