Real Dev approach to Continuous Deployment and Integration on Oracle Cloud & Serverless DB


To be on the “flow” it is cool, to get lost on deployment flow it is not! Starting from a real customer scenario, we will walk through how you may set up a CI/CD end to end pipe. From Gitlab and Jenkins, to integrating the stack with Oracle Kubernetes Engine and serverless Autonomous Database. We will take a look in details the different building blocks and you will discover how easy it is to integrate Open source tools with Oracle serverless technologies. What are you waiting for? Simplify your life, focus more on coding tasks and not on troubleshooting deployment tools.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Fabrizio Iosa

Cloud Solution Engineer - Oracle

Fabrizio is a Cloud Solution Engineer at Oracle. Curious and passionate about science and technology since young age he always asked to himself : Why are things the way they are? How can we change them? In his role, Fabrizio interfaces with customers and identifies their needs to help them in designing tech-driven solutions to improve their business operations. He is particularly interested in Cloud Solutions, Serverless Architectures, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. Voracious reader and amateur astronomer, in his free times he loves playing videogames and observing the stars.

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Giulio Ruggeri

Software Architect - GPI S.p.A.

Giulio Ruggeri is a passionate software engineer with extensive experience in building and designing enterprises applications. He has almost twenty years background in the healthcare sector, and during this time he never stopped in his fight of "making a better patient experience". He loves to learn, explore and experiment and, more then that, make the others love it to, constantly guiding less experienced people on making right choices. Actually he works for GPI S.p.A., leader company in healthcare sector, and he is involved in many aspects of its tech evolution

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