Reinventing insurance industry


For more than a century insurance business has been: evaluate risk, collect premiums, pay claims. We had a lot of physical insurance agencies all around, paper to read and sign. The digital revolution has changed everything. With machine learning and smart insurance we know the damages in advance and we can anticipate claims; with black boxes and Iot applications we can give support to our customers in real time. We sustain collective intelligence of Generali’s people with hackathons and bootcamps and continuous learning.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Fabio Oggioni

Head of IT - Generali Italia

Fabio has 20 years IT experience working for banks and insurance companies. He joined Generali Italia in 2014 and became Head of IT in 2017. In recent months he has been directing the IT Transformation Programme, focusing on the evolution of architectures and the introduction of new working practices. Besides working, he enjoys travelling, exploring and climbing. His passion for soccer is huge!

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