Symfony ❤ Kubernetes: dynamic feature-review environments


Docker has been a part of our dev environments for long, and its usage in production has risen lately, mainly due to Kubernetes. But Kubernetes is not only a simple tool to port your containers into production! It lets (and forces) us developer embrace the 12-factor approach, creating real cloud-native applications, where everything is parametrized. In this talk we'll see how a Symfony application can be easily packaged, parametrized and deployed using Docker, Kubernetes and Helm, up to the point of having one-click deployments of per-branch volatile environments.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Alessandro Lai

Project Lead Developer -

I'm a PHP developer who loves agile, continuous integration and TDD; I'm also one of the coordinators of the Milano PHP User Group, and one of the three secretaries of the PHP-FIG. I work for, a Milan based company, where I work on a few a Symfony-based projects; I'm also the author of facile-it/paraunit, a tool for parallel testing with PHPUnit, and a mantainer of a few other OSS projects.

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