Deploying Go Functions


Developers are taught to write code but what about deploying code ? Using a serverless architecture, testing, building, deploying and monitoring are activities that happens in a cloud native environment. Coding is still done locally. What can we do to enable developers in the cloud? If one needs to run a DB cluster locally, it doesn’t make sense to have a local development environment anymore. Serverless enables to use services rather than running them ourselves or even building them. Writing code is actually a small part of the work, deploying and maintaining is often unknown.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Julien Bisconti

Site Reliability Engineer - Independent

Julien has been working as a software engineer for more than a decade with a liking for DevOps and site reliability engineering. He has a Master in Computer Science and a broad experience in many layers from infrastructure to front-end. He has worked on performance critical microservices at a global scale, he now focus mainly on DevOps and cloud native technology. He is a Google Developer Expert and is active in the Stockholm meetup community. He loves to share his knowledge about high performing teams, workflow and latest technologies.

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