Messages on the Outside, messages on the Inside


In the classic paper Data on the Outside versus Data on the Inside Pat Helland argued that data within a service boundary should be treated differently than data residing outside of it. Here, I shall argue that the same applies to messages. Inside a boundary messages are tightly coupled to the corresponding data manipulations. It may be even possible to enforce total order of messages. When the message crosses the boundary, it enters the no man's land where bad things happen. Messages get reordered, duplicated or even lost. Join me to see how to get your messages safely to the other side

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Szymon Pobiega

Software Engineer - Particular Software

Szymon Pobiega used to work on various business software for almost a decade. Of all the ideas and petterns he learnt along the way, messaging had the most profound impact. He built his first micro service system with MSMQ and NServiceBus 1.9 some 9 years ago and this was a life-changing experience. Over three years ago Szymon quit consulting and joined Particular Software with hope to use his field experience to make NServiceBus even better. Szymon is focused, in Particular (pun intended), on message routing patterns and handling of failures. Besides that he enjoys building remotely controll

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