Notes from My Travels: Building Effective Teams When You're in Different Places


More companies are embracing flexible working and distributed teams - whether that's individuals working remotely, or fully distributed companies with no central hub. This can have great benefits, but the path to success isn't always smooth. At the FT, we collaborate daily across time zones, from New York to Manila. How do we help our teams remain effective, avoid "us-and-them", and feel part of a greater whole? Having fixed production issues while up a mountain, I'll cover: - effective communication across locations - what we learnt from other companies - advice on leading distributed teams

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Euan Finlay

Senior Engineer - Financial Times

Euan is part of the Operations & Reliability team at the FT, managing incidents across the globe. Before that, he lead a distributed team responsible for Go microservices, Docker containers in Kubernetes, and the backend APIs powering the website. On the Ops-ier side of DevOps, he has occasionally admitted to being a sysadmin in public.

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