Airbnb's Great Migration: Building Services at Scale


So you’ve decided to migrate from monolith to microservices, what next? Such a redesign to service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a long, arduous journey that benefits from an incremental, iterative approach. Yet, such a migration often must be done while still shipping new features, accelerating developer velocity, and growing the team in addition to ensuring there are no performance regressions. This talk tells the story of Airbnb's journey focusing on how Airbnb is building, operating, and scaling its expanding network of services and changes to its organization to support the migration.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Jessica Tai

Software engineer - Airbnb

Jessica has worked at Airbnb for 5 years, starting as a full-stack engineer for the guest and host products and is now an infrastructure engineer on the Core Services team. She leads the user service, which integrates with all business verticals as one of Airbnb’s highest trafficked services. In addition to driving best practices for service development, she focuses on Leadership & Development as the Vice President of the Airbnb women in tech community. Prior to Airbnb, Jessica received her Masters of Computer Science at Stanford and her Bachelors degree from UCLA.

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