Typing like a Pro (with TypeScript)


The value of TypeScript goes beyond IDE autocompletion! Leveraging the full power of TypeScript's type system will lead to code that needs less testing, less documentation and it is easier to understand. In this talk we will have an overview of how to effectively squeeze all the power of TypeScript to design types that models more precisely your domain and allows the compiler to catch more bugs. But also we will see some of the limits of using the language, what could be nice to have in the future and how we can go simply to far with types.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Enrique Amodeo

Senior Full Stack Engineer - Contentful

Currently working in Contentful as senior full stack software engineer. He writes highly scalable and resilient micro-services using Scala, JS, Typescript and GraphQL. He has previous extensive experience as an independent consultant and coacher, and has worked as senior software engineer at eBay and as Tech Lead and Engineer Manager at SoundCloud. He has also written a book about testing with JavaScript: "Learning Behavior-Driven Development with JavaScript" (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1784392642)

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