How to write type-safer React & Redux applications


TypeScript has become one of the 15 most popular languages, and it's still growing steadily. In this talk, we'll explore the differences between TypeScript and the other most popular type systems and how to use it effectively to achieve type-safer applications in React and Redux. We'll aim to strike a balance between development agility and safeness. Not everything can be easily strictly typed in React.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Jiayi Hu

Front-end developer - Freelance

I'm currently working as Front-end Developer, Trainer and Consultant in React and Angular technologies, along with Redux. I'm also an active member of the Italian communities *“React Italia”, "Angular Italia" and “Italia JS”* and I enjoy speaking at public tech events like meetups or conferences. I love wondering about front-end and cloud architectures and I'm excited by functional and distributed code. I'm also a strong open-source advocate as well as a contributor whenever possible.

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