Should I push or should I Kube it?


How hard is it to be a blacksmith in a world of sailors? In a world directed towards Kubernetes and its helmsmen, who needs to go to a (Cloud) Foundry to forge? Is it necessary to know how to juggle pods, services, replicas and ingress to develop a Cloud-native application? Let's explore this new horizon together and see if Cloud Foundry is a valid ally even for sea wolves.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Davide Fazzone

Cloud Foundry Service Security Team - IBM

Currently working in IBM Cloud Foundry Tribe into the Security and Compliance Team. Always interested in security aspects as well as dependability and architectures. Technology enthusiast since I was 4 but I want to keep learning/exploring everyday. Because limits like fear are often just an illusion (cit).

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Paolo Ottaviano

Senior SRE - IBM

Paolo is a highly motivated Senior SRE with passion for resolving complex problems and business challenges through innovative solutions. As IBM Cloud SRE, Paolo deployed and maintained several large scale public and private cloud setups based on Cloud Foundry, the industry-standard open source cloud application platform for developing and deploying enterprise cloud applications.

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Valerio Riva

Cloud Engineer - IBM

At IBM I play everyday with Node & React developing cognitivre PoC powered by IBM Watson Cognitive services. You can meet me at workshops events with clients or as tutor in hackatons. I'm getting interest on architectural aspects of my job by making proposals and taking part at the design processes. I was also a web and game developer in the past using PHP & Unity/C#. My favorite tools are JetBrains' IDEs and git.

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