How to build an API bank in 30 minutes... but not for dummies!


What is open banking? How does it work? A brief exploration of the business models and potentials of this new paradigm of the "fintech world" and an amazing "live coding session" to see how it works ... inside. Aehm ... the challenge is to create home banking in 30 minutes. We will make it?

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Giulio Rattone

CIO - Fabrick S.p.A.

Giulio has 20 years of experience as a technical leader creating financial technology platforms. He designed the first online investment fund placement platform and created the "Trading On-Line" platforms of the Sella group. As ICT Manager, he was responsible for software design and development at Banca Sella. In the last year it has taken up the challenge of creating the first Italian open-banking platform for banks, fintech and companies of other industries.

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Luca Terribile

Head of Technology Fabrick Platform - Fabrick Spa

Head of Technology Fabrick Platform, Luca joined to Fabrick team when the company was born. With a 10 year experience on finance sector, Luca started as a front-end and back-end developer on concurrent applications. The aim of his work of the last years has been focused on developing an efficient and scalable IT architecture in finance/banking sector, governed by many complex legal regulations.

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