Continuous performance


Web application we build nowadays are getting bigger and bigger and performance is really important. There are a lot of strategies you can adopt and many tools on which you can leverage to make sure that your webapp is fast enough. How can you make sure that all the team members will follow the guidelines? How can you avoid to deploy in production something that will slow down your webapp? During this talk, you will see how performance is taken seriously at DAZN. We are going through setting a performance budget, configuring Lighthouse and running it in the CI before every deployment.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Maurizio Mangione

Developer Relations Advocate - DAZN

I have always been fascinated by computers: my first love was a Commodore 64. From 2000, when I started working for a small web agency, I worked for many clients and also I was a contractor for a while. Everywhere I worked, I’ve always pushed innovation. I'm never afraid of trying new things and use them as soon as I can. I’m a Google Developers Expert in web technologies and a Microsoft MVP. I’m not only into coding but I also care about the human part of tech. I founded many successful communities and I think that sharing our passions is the key to continuous growth.

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