Meya Stephen Kenigbolo

Frontend Engineering Lead - BCaster

I'm Kenigbolo Meya Stephen, Full Stack Software Engineer working as the Frontend Engineering Team Lead at [BCaster]( I'm the Arch Conveyer/Community Manager of CodeAfrique (also now known as Reload for the classroom version), a not-for-profit weekend intensive software engineering bootcamp for underrepresented groups in IT started out first in Estonia. During my free time I sometimes volunteer as an open source developer for [ADSBx](, spend time playing golf or on the pitch playing/coaching football (soccer as Americans call it).

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From Jquery to VueJS - Not Rocket Science

Changing applications from one technology to another can turn out to be rather very challenging depending on the type of tech stack. If you’ve ever migrated a large project then you can only imagine how daunting it could be, most especially moving from DOM manipulation stack to a Virtual DOM stack. Recently after becoming Frontend Engineering Team lead at BCaster I introduced an incremental migration shift from JQuery to VueJs. It sure did seem to be straightforward at first especially with proper test coverage, however 20% -25% into this migration we encountered a certain issues.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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