Zahin Azher Rashid

Software Developer Team Lead - Ericsson

Zahin is currently working as a Software Engineer at Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden. He earned a dual degree in Cloud Computing from TU-Berlin, Germany and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. In the past, he has worked as a Malware Researcher for 3 years at Ebryx, a cybersecurity services firm and following that in Cloud computing, Machine learning, Networks, and, Web development. He is super passionate about technology and how it is revolutionizing the world and takes active part in technology meetups and conferences.

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Inside a hacker's mind

The aim of this talk is to introduce you to a few latest critical vulnerabilities through practical examples and code demos. The first half of the talk will cover the two most critical vulnerabilities found in platforms previously unfathomable, namely vulnerabilities in Apache Struts and Serverless Architectures with practical examples and demos of what can happen with the exploitation of these vulnerabilities. The second half will delve deeper into the Stored/Persistent XSS Zero-day flaw, a vulnerability that allowed hackers to compromise 70,000 websites in March 2019.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Videos and slides not available

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