Joao Cunha

Product Manager - Nubank

João Cunha is a Product Manager at Nubank, ex-FetLife and OLX. Web Performance aficionado, speaker and GDG Lead Organizer. 12+ years pushing for a better and faster Web.

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Feature Flags-Driven Development: deploy on Fridays, too!

Have you ever dreamed of instantly launching new features of your product with a single dashboard click? What if you also could control the percentage of users that will have access to it, in a progressive way? Big-bang deploys, outdated staging environments, emergency rollbacks, releases breaking the product… meet the Feature Flagging concept and leave it all behind. At this talk I’ll cover how to use the Feature Flag-Driven Development to improve your release process. Learn how to create subscription models, A/B tests, users allowlist/denylist, beta programs, feature opt-ins and much more.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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