Leonardo Di Donato

Open Source Software Engineer - Sysdig

Leo is an Open Source Software Engineer at Sysdig in the Office of the CTO. He is in charge of the Open Source methodologies and projects of Sysdig. At the same time he mainly takes care of Falco, a Container Native Runtime Security project sandboxed by the CNCF. He's involved in the Linux Foundation's eBPF project (IO Visor) as a maintainer of kubectl-trace. He's the creator of go-syslog, a blazingly fast Go parser for syslog messages and transports, and of kubectl-dig, a tool to have deep visibility into Kubernetes directly from the kubectl. He's also involved into the new CNCF SIG-Security.

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How do I enjoy life writing blazingly fast lexers and parsers in Golang

Writing parsers is hard. Slow parsers are boring. Hand-written parsers are also error-prone. I don't have a lifetime to fix grammars bugs. I want to enjoy life. So I started asking myself: how do I enjoy life while writing fast and maintainable parsers at the same time? During this talk I'll present how do I enjoy life while writing parsers using Ragel targeting Go.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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